What is this?

This is a fully English translated interactive skill tree simulator for Blade & Soul, a Korean Martial Fantasy MMORPG.

The skill trees are based on BnS KR. Skills may or may not be the same as the ones you would see in other servers. Everything is translated to English by me. Many skill names are accurate direct translations while some were given reasonable new names because they were difficult to translate. Some tooltips may be a bit different from the original for better consistency and clarity.

This project was made possible by using many parts of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes from the official BnS KR website. Some elements however were modified for better presentation. Additional features, namely the build list and the save/load box, were made by me. Background images are either from the official BnS KR website posted by users or captured by me.

This project is open sourced and is available on Github.
In fact, this page is hosted with Github Pages.

About me

I'm just a regular college student who likes to play BnS.
I am Korean Canadian and fluent in both languages which allows me to enjoy the game to its fullest. But I can imagine how others may struggle because of the language barrier which is one of the reasons why I started this project.

I have several nicknames on the internet.
  • Di'el on the BnS Dojo Forums
  • 아르앨 in game
  • dakaringer on Twitch
  • I stream from time to time so be sure to follow my channel!

    A Foreigner's Skill Guide to

    Blade & Soul